Fiesta Village has a variety of job opportunities. It’s a chance to make new friends and build relationships that will last a lifetime. We offer weekend hours, employee discounts, opportunities for advancement, and much more. With so many jobs to choose from, we are sure to have one that is right for you!

Water Park Attendant Job Description

The primary responsibility of a Water Park Attendant is to ensure the total “Fiesta Village Experience” for our guests and to assist each guest at the Waterslides

As a Water Park Attendant you are a representative of Fiesta Village Family Fun Park and must maintain a high standard of:
  • Safety– You are operating heavy equipment, attention to detail is a must!
  • Guest Service- Create legendary experiences & memories for our guests
  • Cleanliness- Ride area, walkways, trash cans, restrooms, etc. – make it sparkle!
  • Sense of Urgency – When assisting any guests or team members.
    Primary responsibility is to interact with the Guests;
  • Welcome them as they enter the park
  • Provide Directions/Answer Questions
  • Restroom locations
  • Park Hours, etc.
  • If you don’t know an answer, let them know you will find out, then use your radio to find the answer.
  • Share a greeting with every guest that comes within 10 feet of you.
  • Thank them for visiting when leaving!
    Water Park Position Requirements;
  • First Aid and CPR/AED Training (training available on site)
  • Must be 16 years of age
  • Must work well under pressure and be able to respond to emergency situations quickly
  • This job typically requires a combination of walking and standing for extended periods of time. Good communication skills are necessary as well as enjoyment of working outdoors alongside others. Work takes placed outdoors and indoors and it can be noisy, crowded and hot.
  • needs to be comfortable woring in under-water/above-water confined spaces

    It is our goal to ensure the total “Fiesta Village Experience” for our guests!

    Is this job right for you?

    Below are a few of the requirements that you would be expected to meet if you are hired as a Fiesta Village Family Fun Park Fun Expert:

  • Honesty – This should go without saying in any job, but we list it first because it is our number one requirement in dealing with Guests, fellow Crew Members and the Company. Honesty in our business means accurate cash handling, proper use of tools and inventory controls and Doing What Is Right. This also means that friends and family do not receive food or services free, just as you would not expect free groceries from a friend who works in a grocery store.
  • Friendly Attitude and Commitment to Excellence – Fiesta Village Family Fun Park is dedicated to achieving excellence in family entertainment. We are committed to making each patron feel they are truly our GUEST by providing high quality entertainment, FRIENDLY CREW MEMBERS and OUTRAGEOUS SERVICE. Fiesta Village seeks to employ individuals who are friendly and enjoy striving to become the best that they can be. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply!
  • Schedule – We expect you to work the days you are scheduled and to be on time. Tardiness and absenteeism are not acceptable. Due to the nature of our business, you will be required to work evenings, weekends, summer months and holidays.
  • Appearance – All Crew Members are expected to wear the required uniform for the area assigned. No other dress is acceptable. Personal hygiene is very important because of the close contact with our guests.
  • Drugs / Alcohol – Every Crew Member has daily contact with our guests. Coming to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco in any manner while on duty is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate termination.

    Every Fiesta Village Crew Member has daily contact with our guests.

    Excellent people skills and courtesy are required at all times.

    If you do not enjoy working with people, this is not the job for you.

    These guidelines are not complete and will be gone over in detail if you continue the application process. At the same time, realize that it is a responsibility of employment with Fiesta Village Family Fun Park. If you feel comfortable working under these guidelines, please continue with the Employment Application. If we can use your services, you will be contacted to attend a Group Audition. Fiesta Village Family Fun Park is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

    Positions Available Soon!