Carnival Rides Are Now OPEN!! Less lines than bigger amusement parks means more fun! Kids and adults who are looking for more thrills at Fiesta Village will enjoy our Ride Area. With rides like The Tilt-A-Whirl, The Bizzy Bears, Slugger’s Super Slide and The Scrambler there is something fun for everyone!


1 ticket: $3.50 10 tickets: $30 4 Hour Supreme Pass: $54, $49 online Supreme Pass also includes unlimited Go Karts, Roller Skating, Mini Golf, Lazer Tag and Amusement Rides Get Tickets

Slugger’s Super Slide

A 3 lane super slide! It stands more than 20 feet in the air and let’s up to 3 people at a time race to the bottom!

1 ticket

Height Requirements: 32” – 42″ must go with an adult; 42″ and up can ride alone.

Dizzy Bears

The Dizzy Bears is “a spin” on the classic Tea Cup ride. The platform rotates while riders may spin their individual cup at their own pace for a wild, dizzying, fun-filled ride.

3 ticket

Height Requirements: 36” – 42″ must go with an adult; 42″ and up can ride alone.

Tilt-a-Whirl: Whooeee!

You will be spinning around the track very fast while tilting and whirling all the way! No trip to Fiesta Village is complete without riding this classic!

3 ticket

Height Requirements: 42″ – 46″ must go with an adult; 46″ and up can ride alone.


On this classic ride you’ll spin around this way and that! Everyone has a smile and a scream on this ride!

3 ticket

Height Requirements: 36″ – 48″ must go with an adult; 48″ and up can ride alone.

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