For the most part, kids get along with each other naturally. But what happens in the case that there are kids that might be a bit more shy or even alpha compared to other children? Helping children channel healthy bonds between their friends and peers is an important part of fostering a fun and memorable childhood. Activities such as sports are a great way to expose your children to practicing healthy friendships and social skills.

If you’re considering putting your child into sports or even a coach looking to find some creative ways to build team bonds, here are 5 steps to building an effective team and social space.

Set some golden rules


First things first! Make it clear that there are golden rules to live by before every game. These rules can range from always having good sportsmanship to communicating efficiently between each child. By setting these golden rules, not only will they ensure a fun experience but also instill a sense of order.

Establish leadership and a responsible person they can trust


The reality is that there will be moments when things go haywire. It’s important for kids to know who to address with these problems. As a coach or supervisor, you should make it clear that if there’s ever a problem, that the children can trust in your leadership.

Ice breakers


Whether it’s the beginning of a new season or having a new addition to the team, it can be hard to make everyone feel included. Before you begin practice, you can try and begin with a quick ice breaker.

Bonding activities outside of the sport


Sometimes building bonds can be outside of the sport too! From a simple movie night to something exciting like visiting an amusement park can help boost friendships within the team. If you’re looking to do something that’s out of the ordinary, make sure to check out Fiesta Village and ask about their team banquets as well as special group prices.

Build trust and respect

Ultimately, the best way to have a strong team bond is to build on trust and respect. When the team feels a sense of camaraderie, the children are sure to feel close to each other rather than distant, which can cause many miscommunications.

By following these 5 steps, any team can become a dream team. Of course you can take additional steps as well as adjustments to these steps but the basis of these steps can help keep your team kept together. As aforementioned, a great way to build a stronger bond between your team is through bonding activities that might not be on the field! Fiesta Village can help you and your team strengthen bond and sportsmanship through our special group prices as well a space for banquets. Make sure to visit our bookings page or give us a call for more options on how to help your team become a dream team.