Roller skating has been around for hundreds of years. That’s right, it’s been around that long! The first recorded invention was WAY back in 1760 by John Joseph Merlin. Of course, roller skating is usually known as a fun and carefree time (who doesn’t love to strap on some skates and feel the wind in their hair?). But did you know there are other benefits of roller skating for both kids and adults?


Easy on the Joints

Do you have joint trouble? Roller skating is a great way to get moving without risking further injury to your joints. It’s a smooth motion compared to running, jumping, and other high-impact activities.

Makes You Smiley

If you’re an adult, you know that roller skating makes you feel like a kid again. This is because it’s FUN! It’s only obvious that doing something fun will make you happy!

Won’t Break the Bank

It’s an affordable way to spend quality time with families, friends, and even for a date night! Don’t have skates? No problem! Skate rinks offer skate rentals for just a few bucks.

It’s an Awesome Workout

The best workouts are the ones where you don’t actually FEEL like you’re working out. Roller skating is great for burning calories and strengthening your entire body. You won’t even realize you are exercising!

Makes Your Ticker Stronger

Roller skating is such a great aerobic exercise, it’s been recognized by the American Heart Association as an effective way to strengthen your heart! Maybe that’s why we LOVE roller skating so much!

What are you waiting for? Come get all of these benefits at the best skate rink in San Bernardino county!